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Lion Rock News: Ocean Park to Unveil HK House Price Roller-coaster


Residents and tourists alike are teetering with excitement at the prospect of Ocean Park’s latest ride: The House Price Tracker.

A guy in a clown costume loitering by the entrance who may or may not have been employed by the park told this reporter, “Visitors can experience the dizzying highs of 2007 and 2014, followed by the crushing lows of ’97 and 2003. There’s even a loop-the-loop to represent the handover. Everyone’s really going to get taken for the ride of their life!”

The ride is unique in that participants can choose when and where to get on or off, which part of the ride to experience and whether or not to risk randomly-assigned ‘interventionist policies’ such as ‘the stamp’, ‘the HOSpital’ and ‘negative equity’.

It’s being launched at the same time as two other, frankly-speaking similar, experiences: the FOREX and the Fiscal Cliff, both of which lead the rider up ‘the slope of ever-growing expectation’ before plummeting into ‘the Chasm of Correction’.

Ticket sales start on Friday, and in a special joint initiative will also be available from Exchange Square. Prices are set at whatever the trader feels you’ll be willing to pay for them.

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