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by JAR: 042-5 Turquiose Tear Drops

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Although the weather is a bit nasty in Hong Kong these days, I would love to take one of these suspension tents out for a try! I remember as a child going camping and having the rain creep into one corner on my tent. Here the problem is solved while sleeping amongst the trees several feet above the ground. Anyone tried this?

Let’s talk wheels. I’m ready to join the club and make things more transitional. With limited space in Hong Kong apartments there isn’t always room to have everything where we would like it to live. I love the idea of putting wheels on table legs. Here I’ve shown a dining room table and a coffee table with wheels.  In my house, I’m looking for a small table for my daughter to use for drawing and tea parties, snack time, etc., but we don’t seem to have the perfect place for it to live. With wheels, we could use it where we need it and my daughter could help with the transition. Can’t wait to try this!

Don’t want to spend lots of money on a wardrobe? Just take a hike….. literally, find yourself a good strong stick and tie it up like the top left. Easy, simple and very affordable!

I’m always on the lookout for interesting lights. I love the clear glass examples at the top using various bulbs. This is a nice subtle way to add diversity using the same lighting fixture.  I’m also a true fan of the Normann BELL light shown here in gray.  Hoping to put this in a project very soon!

Every week I pull a colour for you to consider and this week I’ve selected Mythic Turquiose Tear Drop, which is colour matched with the top right. I can imagine this in a transition space between two rooms with a chair, or what about painting a hallway lined with black and white photographs framed in black frames. Lots of potential with this colour.

Although I haven’t tried wheels on tables, I have taken old shutters and put them on rails with wheels to create sliding doors. With this project, we kept the overall theme clean and simple. When I did my first site visit, I discovered these old shutters just lying around. I immediately knew I wanted to try and use them in the renovation keeping something old within something new.

Enjoy & see you here next Tuesday. Mrs. J.






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2 comments on “by JAR: 042-5 Turquiose Tear Drops

  1. brielle87
    May 14, 2014

    I love the idea for the sliding shutter doors. It exactly the same type of mechanism used on our barn door. Fabulous, truly.

    • Mrs. J
      May 16, 2014

      Thanks Brielle87! It’s so common in HK to tear down the urban history & build something new, modern & shiny. When I can salvage something of character I try.

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