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myHK: Boobs on a Bus

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As many of my loyal readers know, I am a proud father of a beautiful 3 year old daughter.  She is growing up very quickly and is now outsmarting me more and more each day.

And with her new found wisdom comes new found danger.  Specifically, boobs on a bus.

While out the other day walking with my daughter E, a bus went by and my jaw dropped.  You see, buses in Hong Kong are major advertising tools.  Pictures are plastered all over them and this particular bus was advertising breasts…  I mean a movie about breasts.

Surprised, I sneakily turned E the other way, hurting my neck in the process.

In the past, when I commuted to work by MTR, our transport railway here in HK, I would always notice pictures of half naked girls on the subway walls.  Usually promoting diet clinics and such to make ladies skinnier and more…

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