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streetSNAP: Night-work Part 2

When the last ray disappears behind the horizon, the street lamps come on and the 9-5ers go home. The city still hums long after they fall asleep. These are the people who work the night shift.


Traffic Cop in Causeway Bay – 6.30pm
Market shop keeper in Temple Street –  8.00pm




Lady on the street in Staunton Street – 8.30pm
Mr.Softee in Tsim Sha Tsui – 9.30pm

All night taxi’s in Jordan – 4.30am

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Next week on streetSnap, the next installment of the MTR project!
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One comment on “streetSNAP: Night-work Part 2

  1. @Caliishungry
    May 9, 2014

    Nice shots! I admire people who hard work day & night to make a living. A lot of Grammar Nazis will catch cancer from the street signs that the lady sells on the 2nd picture.

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