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by JAR: OW-7-2 Helios

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I realise not everyone loves playing with colour as much as I do. This week I’ve toned it down a bit with the collage.

Helios is a soft Mythic white paint colour sure to add warmth to any home. There are actually hundreds of shades of white and it’s important to use on that is warming rather that clinical.

I recently showed how to update your dining room table (click here) Bottom left is another great way to update your dining room chairs. Try using Helios white and leaving the feet of the chairs the original finish as shown here. I love having a chalkboard wall in my house. It’s a great way to leave family messages & offers a drawing space for my daughter. How about this idea on the top left to have chalkboard slider doors! I recently used Licorice chalkboard paint, which is a black VOC free non-toxic paint. If you’re interested in the details leave me a note. It comes in several colours.

My aesthetic often leans to the modern rustic. I love the reuse of these old windows as bookshelf doors. Even better is the character left behind from the original paint just behind this awesome indoor rope swing. I want one!

Lighting is always a challenge. It’s not just about the shape, colour and number of lights, but the projection and effect the light gives off. I love the shapes offered with the bottom right 3 dining room lights. For something more playful, how about these bounding cable orange ball lamps.

Yesterday I installed several lights in a current project. Each light was selected for it’s colour, shape, size and of course the projection of light emitted. Have a look. Enjoy your week & see you next Tuesday!

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2 comments on “by JAR: OW-7-2 Helios

  1. brielle87
    May 6, 2014

    I adore using creamy white colours; I use it for all the trim in my house. White just seems to make other colours, especially pastels, just pop.

    • theguestroom
      May 6, 2014

      Thanks for your comment Brielle87. I agree. White is the secret ingredient to bring any accent color to life. I rarely ever paint a room fully with an accent color. It’s always a balance of color & white!

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