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Lion Rock News: HK Observatory Set To Issue Yellow Urine Warning




LRNIn the week following a highly-publicised case of prepubescent public pissing and associated threat of an invasion of urinating mainlanders, the HK Observatory has been forced to implement the new iCPP warning system.

The range runs from ‘clear’ (the least concentrated) to ‘amber’, the urine equivalent of a tsunami alert. If the red or black warning is in place, affected persons are required to seek immediate medical assistance.

Currently, roadside stations in Mong Kok are showing the highest readings. Residents are advised to travel uphill – or upwind – to avoid the worst effects.

One resident, who once visited the HK Observatory by accident when looking for a public toilet, stated that he wasn’t really concerned by the need for a new warning system, but was “terrified of the prospect of the number two signal being hoisted.”

When quizzed on a busy shopping street, mainland urine expert (read ‘piss artist’) and correspondent NewChinaHand – after sighing, shuddering and zipping up his flies – said he felt “relieved.”

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