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QQQQQ: Meet the Radio Star



Tim Littlechild has been working in Radio for over a decade, six of those years have been spent in Asia. He currently Presents Something For The Weekend on RTHK Radio 3, Sat 0900 – 1300 & Sun 0930 1300.




When I used to live in Korea, almost every person I met was an English teacher.
What’s it’s like having one of the most unique jobs in a city as diverse as Hong Kong?
Ha, I guess sitting in a windowless room spinning a few tunes and talking nonsense is a fairly unique job! I’m extrememly lucky because it doesn’t feel like a work at all, I’m amazed RTHK pay me to be honest. It’s always been a life long dream to be a Radio Presenter and I count myself lucky to of worked in the industry for nearly ten years, especially in such a cool city like Hong Kong.
What’s the toughest thing about being a radio presenter?
The toughest thing is telling new people what I do, especially at social events. People often assume I’ll be funny and the life and soul of the party, which isn’t always true. As far as the job itself is concerned, probably trying to keep the show sounding fresh.
You’ve been here for a while. What do you love about Hong Kong?
Hong Kong is addictive, there’s something about the temperament of this city that keeps you wanting more. I was in Singapore recently, amazing place but it doesn’t quite have the same edge as Hong Kong. I also love how extreme HK is, beautiful green mountains and trails situated minutes away from organised chaos.
I’ve written a blog on my Hong Kong pet peeves. What’s your big pet peeve at the moment?
Hong Kong is home now so I’ve been trying to learn more Cantonese, my pet peeve is people don’t speak it back to me when I use it. However, this could be because my tones aren’t up to scratch and I probably make no sense at all, I think I accidentally called a Taxi driver something terrible the other day, I was only trying to comment on the weather!
What’s next? Any exciting plans in the near future?
Last year I set an official Guinness world record by visiting EVERY MTR station in the quickest possible time, we set the record at 8 hours 18 mins and raised $98,000 for RTHK Radio 3’s annual charity campaign Operation Santa Claus, I’d like to do something equally exciting and big for this years campaign. Any ideas???
Wow!  Outstanding work!!  I’m going to think about this, but that is VERY tough to top!!
If any of you have any suggestions, comments or questions for Tim, go ahead and leave them in the comment section below.
Thanks Tim!  And keep up the great work!



4 comments on “QQQQQ: Meet the Radio Star

  1. NewChinaHand
    May 2, 2014

    Dear Tim,

    I always imagined the best thing about being a radio DJ would be all the different kinds of people you get to meet and really being at the hub of the community. You must be aware of so much that goes on, no?

    What’s your favourite part of being a radio DJ in HK?


  2. Wittemeisje
    May 2, 2014

    Hi Tim. I heard your interview with Mr. J a few weeks ago. Besides Mr. J, who was your best interview?

  3. Mr.C
    May 2, 2014

    Hi Tim and Mr.J, great interview! The MTR station fundraiser was such a unique idea. What about asking one of the buildings in HK to allow you to ascend to the top floor by stairs- you can get sponsors based on your time. I remember the IFC arranged something similair a couple years ago, which I participated in.

    Keep up the good work!


  4. Hi,

    @ New china Hand – The best part is chatting to passionate people who love what they do. We created a feature called Hong Kong Heroes which allows us to get genuinely interesting everyday people on the show, not someone just selling a book or an album.

    @Witte – Very hard question, I love chatting to listeners who have a story to tell, some of the funniest moments in my career have been when we’ve randomly put a caller on the air who fancies sharing an anecdote. I’ve never been one for interviewing the likes of Lady Gaga.

    @Sean – Let me know if you do this again, I could help you promote it.

    Thanks for the questions.

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