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NewChinaHand: Drop It Like It’s Hot Pot

The craziest soup ingredient ever?!!!

The Guest Room


Roll up your sleeve, find a vein and head down to…

The nearest hot pot restaurant!

I knew there was a special ingredient! I thought it was MSG…

So, it transpires that certain hot pot restaurants in Mainland China (and who knows where else) have allegedly been spiking their signature dish with opiates, allegedly (again – tough to prove) to get customers ‘hooked’ and to ensure repeat custom.

One report is of a man taking a urine test before and after a trip (no pun intended) to the local hot-pottery, the latter of which tested positive for heroin.

In a survey in Jiangsu province in 2012, as much as 10% of restaurants tested positive for using poopy seeds in their cooking. We like them odds! In the most recent case restaurants in Xiamen were caught out making the chef’s special a little too special.

And don’t be fooled into thinking…

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