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by JAR: 135-1 Baltic Black

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You may expect Baltic Black to be…. black… but it is the white colour I suggest if you want to attempt this D.I.Y. painted rug on concrete. I love this idea for an inexpensive unique dining room rug look. While you’re at it, go ahead and update your old wooden table and chair set to bring the look together. Follow up this rustic look with any of these beautiful ceramic style lamps and top off the table with an over sized glass vase. Try fitting a candle in the vase for a very unique candle light setting.

Here’s a great example of concrete and wood in the kitchen. Use the concrete as both the counter top and the frame structure of the cabinets.

I also like the simplicity of this geometric rug with the blue trim edges. This is a warming solution for any room.

Need more space to hang things in the bathroom. How about some oversized knobs! They are playful and don’t take up much space.


I’ve decided to take byJAR in a different direction giving you collage with ideas, followed with some real JAR projects hot off the press.

This week, I recently installed a concrete light for a play on weight and material.



photo 3


photo 4


When thinking of lighting, it is important to consider the shape of the light as well as the shape of lighting projected. You can also play with the bulb shapes and brightness. Have fun with it!

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