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by JAR: 039-5 Geri’s lake… D.I.Y.


Geri’s lake…. ? Where’s that you ask…. It’s actually the Mythic paint color that matches the color swatch on the bottom right of the collage and I’m hoping to use it somewhere soon!

This is my version of a do it yourself blog collage. Ever wonder what to do with that old wardrobe you still need for storage, but is an eye sore? Do you have an extra table that you’re thinking of getting rid of but wishing you could think of a way to make it useful? Chalkboard paint! Give these things a coat or two of chalkboard paint and reinvent them as fun objects around the house. These are great for any child’s room. In Hong Kong, apartments rarely come with ample storage. Adding a large wardrobe to help ease this task of hiding clothes, etc is easily a big giant in any HK apartment. Paint it black with chalkboard paint and it becomes multi functional and playful at the same time. I’m not one to recommend Ikea, but they do sell unfinished free standing wooden wardrobes that would easily accomplish this look.

Easter is just around the corner. Looking for a bright elegant yet simple cost effective table setting? Gather some jars from around your kitchen, purchase your favorite white flowers and create this linear beauty. I’m looking forward to creating my own Easter version of this!

Spices in the kitchen…. No space for an herbal garden….let’s hang one!

Last but not Least, (you’ll need an Architect, possibly and Engineer and definitely a contractor….) I love is lofted hung bedroom. Great space saver if you have extra high ceiling!

Share your D.Y.I. Ideas with us here at The Guest Room.

The Source this week: check out the Classified section on Asia Xpat to discover something old that could become something new with a little help from you!

Enjoy! Mrs. J.

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