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pollipops:Get Your FREAK On!


“Go shorty! It’s your birthday! We’re gonna party like it’s your birthday!”

Classic! Who doesn’t love that song?!

The North Koreans… that’s who…

In North Korea, the dictatorship limits all sorts of actions and freedoms. But, just recently news has come out that their dear leader is now requiring that all male college students must have their dictator’s hairdo as well.


How hot is this guy?!



Enforcing specific hairstyles is not new to the hermit kingdom. There are typically 10 hairstyles for men to choose from and 18 for women.


So many fancy choices!!


But, obviously that wasn’t enough for that strange little ego driven man. In addition to the students worshipping him 24/7, they now have to display their leader’s freakish bowl cut look.

I guess it could be worse… 


It is tough being told what to do and how to cut your hair. Perhaps that’s why my hair length and style hasn’t changed by more than two inches in the past ten years…

However, in solidarity of my northern brothers, I thought I’d give the Kim Jong Un a go.

It’s actually not too bad… 🙂



Let me know what you think in the comments! Also, if you fancy this new hair cut of mine, please like and share this story on Facebook!



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