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streetSNAP:The Wild Side

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Think Hong Kong is all work and no play? Think again!

This city is packed with outdoorsy things to do. Fancy camping on a deserted beach with your best mates, swimming under a waterfall, or perhaps, if you’re hardcore, a grueling hike to the top of a remote mountain?

These are just some of the things that make HK the best city in the world! Wondering what else makes Hong Kong so special? Check out the ’10 best reasons to live in Hong Kong’ by Mr.J.

What are some of your favorite outdoorsy things to do in HK?

wildside (2)

wildside (3)

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If you love street photography then you will love this!!!

Alain Jaquier, street photographer extraordinaire, is holding an exhibition, ‘Streetometry’ from the 31st March to 30th April in Tin Hau. To see some of his work go to :
Always support your local artists!



Next time on street Snap! Surprise, Surprise….

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