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myHK:The City that … SLEEPS !





Hong Kong and New York are always compared for their pace, diversity and size.

But when it comes to New York’s motto, “The city that never sleeps!”
There’s just no comparison.

Hong Kong … SLEEPS !


IMG_0829In fact, you’ll probably find it very tough to find anywhere in the world where you see more people dozing off in public.

There are quite a few people in Hong Kong who don’t understand the difference between sitting and sleeping.

If they’re gonna sit, they’re going to sleep!

Whether it be on the train, in a meeting or on the street!

Now I’ve thought of 3 major reasons why I think these people are so tired. Here they are.

If you’re going to eat a whole loaf of white bread, (especially with your head halfway in the bag) unless you’re a big time athlete, that will make you sleepy! White rice, white flour noodles and other carbo heavy foods definitely make you feel tired.

Hong Kong can be a very stressful city, and with an average of 50 hours of work per week for full time employees, that doesn’t leave a lot of time or energy to de-stress.

Lack of physical activity
I just got back from a run, and the path tonight was packed. There was also a large group doing Tai Chi to some kick ass twangy music! A lot of people in Hong Kong exercise! But sadly my guess is that for every person exercising, there are 10 doing something very stagnant.


Hopefully you’ve made it through this blog without crashing on me…


GetAttachment-5.aspxIf so, keep making sure that exercise and diet are top priorities in your life and never underestimate the power of your mind. Just thinking you aren’t tired is scientifically proven to give you that boost you need.

Now, personally I find it cute seeing a row of MTR passengers sleeping side by side on their morning commute. I’d take that over seeing people yawning without covering their mouths any day! As you know by myHK Pet Peeves HERE.

Do you agree? Is Hong Kong the sleepiest city you’ve ever been to?

Let me know in the comments below!

Nighty night!


*All photos in this blog were taken by our streetSNAP photographer, Sean Creamer!

4 comments on “myHK:The City that … SLEEPS !

  1. @Caliishungry
    April 15, 2014

    Hi Mr J,

    I’m definitely one of those sleepy people, though I think it’s a hereditary issue as my dad and my grandma are both sleepy people. We can doze off in a matter of 5-10mins if we were just siting still, not using our brains. This wouldn’t really be a problem if you didn’t have to study or attend lectures at university! Anyway, I dropped out of uni because I could never keep my eyes open for more than 10mins after sitting down.

    I did notice that my energy level rises after I become more health conscious 2 years ago. I started to eat better and I started to exercise. I would say that I can manage to hold off sleeping a lot better these days, at least in the morning. Folks in HK have very unhealthy lifestyles. With long working hours I don’t really blame them, hence I have chose to live in Australia instead. I think that the life expectancy wouldn’t be as long for HK people if it wasn’t for the advanced medical facilities and easy access to medication. I think it is time for people there to wake and and realise that money isn’t everything.


    • theguestroom
      April 24, 2014

      Hey Cali,

      Ha!;) I had a good laugh at your comment! I love your honesty!

      I have the opposite problem. I can’t seem to shut off at the end of the day or during. Mind is spinning and sleeping feels a bit like quitting. That’s partially why yoga is such a good activity for me.

      I’m always shocked when I ask some of my students what they like doing, and they answer, “sleeping!”

      Personally, I think the education system and lack of prioritizing healthy living is a major player in this problem.

      Or perhaps, sleeping is the secret to long life…

      Isn’t it proven that a nap a day is one of the best things you can do for good health?;)


  2. theguestroom
    November 5, 2014

    Reblogged this on The Guest Room.

  3. brielle87
    November 6, 2014

    I thought it was quite nice to see people napping randomly while I was in HK. It seemed such a natural thing to do, even though I was too enthused being there to join in the napping. In the states people are a little weird about napping in public, then again maybe people here are not as tired. I love taking little afternoon naps, especially on warm and balmy afternoons. Simply heaven.

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