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by JAR: 056-4 Shimmering Celedon

Scan 47

Now there’s a colour that’s hot this spring. Its a kind of minty green and I’m seeing it everywhere! Shimmering Celedon.

Let’s talk paint in ways you may not have thought of…. My favourite is the plum purple bath rug, which is actually a painted rectangle on the cement floor! Easy affordable and FUN! I’m a fan of boxes. They are kind of like bags.  There’s always room for another cool box to put stuff in. These painted display boxes in boxes are not only eye catching and unique, they would be very FUN to fill with a collection of knick knacks.  How about a half height accent wall in the bathroom to make the white free standing tub POP.  OR try being playful with the size and shape of a door threshold like this one in olive green.  I’ve mentioned I’m a fan of green, and I’m really liking all of these green accent options. Last but not least, layered colours! Huge fan of this. Especially this blueberry blue leading into the limey green bathroom. Play with colour. Have some fun and get to painting!

The Source: I can’t speak highly enough about Mythic Paint. It comes in hundreds of beautiful colors and even better…. NON-toxic, VOC free. I use Mythic in all my projects.

Mythic paint are at Calcite. 1209 Yu Yuet Lai Building, 43-55 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong


If you are interested to see how I play with colour and paint check out


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One comment on “by JAR: 056-4 Shimmering Celedon

  1. brielle87
    March 25, 2014

    Love celedon, it is truly such an amazing colour to add dimension to any space. I also love your thoughts on boxes, I love to use large cardboard hatboxes to store things. When you have three or four nicely painted/coloured hatboxes stacke, well it looks amazing. The idea of the “painted” bath rug is just smashing, much nicer than a real rug continuously on the floor which would become nasty after awhile.

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