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byJAR: 077-5 Mirrored Willow


This week I’ve put together some things we all know done a bit differently, starting with Mirrored Willow. It’s a lovely green that’s not so typical. Give it a try!

Now anyone who knows me well, knows I collect spoons. I would love to have this easy access utensil bar against the graphite black wall. Wouldn’t it be even better as a chalkboard wall to jot down recipes and messages…..? This sofa is not practical in most HK apartments, but wouldn’t it be fun! Great puzzle components! How about a bath outside? Have a seat anywhere you like as long as you have a handy chair like this one.  Would you use a low coffee table like the one on the right? It’s feeling a bit low for my taste. I love this double functional coat hat rack! It’s rather nifty on the eyes as well. I have yet to do an all black kitchen, but I’m liking this one! What are your thoughts? What if we took one ceiling light and repeated it throughout an entire apartment or house?  Something like these in the upper right with an older vintage look and exposed bulbs.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Check out to see more of how I think!

The SOURCE this week is from Blacksmith. They do things we know a little differently.

88 Queens Rd East, Wan Chai


Enjoy! Mrs. J

Your thoughts please

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This entry was posted on March 18, 2014 by in by JAR.

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