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pollipops: Hong kong! Let’s Do Something Great This Weekend !

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Happy Friday everyone!

This week’s pollipops is a little different because hopefully you will be directly involved in it.
I have a good friend in Hong Kong who sadly lost his brother to type 1 diabetes.  Since then, he has started a website to help raise attention and money with a very specific activity that I’ll talk about below, and you’ll see my attempt at it.
Type 1 diabetes is a very unfortunate illness that is usually diagnosed in children and young adults.  Only about 5% of people with diabetes have type 1, and it is due to the body not producing enough insulin to convert sugars and starches into energy needed for daily life.
Unfortunately, we are seeing a rise in cases, but the good news is that a cure is possible and not far away.
My friend, Chris has started a website called  J.D.R.F. is a major and reputable charity dedicated to funding type 1 diabetes research.
On this website, the goal is simple.  50,000 keep ups!
What are keep ups ?  This is the skill of juggling a football with your feet.  Now, before you take off, please remember that if you don’t know how to juggle, I’m sure you know someone who does.  Fortunately, football/soccer players are all around us.
Right now, they have reached about 14% of there target of 50K.
Here’s our challenge, and it’s simple, but so meaningful.  Take a ball, juggle it as long as you can and record it.  Then, simply send the video to
Understand that doing as little as 2 keep ups not only adds to the total, it also brings exposure.
Now, if you absolutely don’t want to try, please FORCE someone else to try.  🙂
Let’s do something great this weekend.  It won’t take long,but trust me it will mean a lot.
At TheGuestRoom, we have big plans for a LOT of charitable ideas over the next few months.
I hope you’ll join us in making a difference.
Now, take a look at my keep ups at Angkor Wat 🙂 Cheers

One comment on “pollipops: Hong kong! Let’s Do Something Great This Weekend !

  1. Adrien
    March 15, 2014

    Dear Writer, I would like to invite you to come to our football game on Monday 19th of March. It would be a perfect opportunity to record all our players doing keep ups … and reaching 50,000 sooner than later!

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