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by JAR: 194-5 Shades of grape


Grape compliments the modern rustic look as shown here with hand spotted polka dotted pillow cases, ceramic glazes, and fabric color pallets. Shades of grape can add warming details to any home. Now let’s talk hammock! I love this recycled sail made into a triangular hammock. Seems perfect for any kiddo or adult! As a collector of rocks, with lots of extra paint left over from various projects, I like the idea of adding color with colored rocks. Try painting an accent wall, then add a few painted rocks around the room with the leftover paint to tie the space together. It’s not easy to find interesting fabric covered bed frames. I’m a fan of the black checker bed and this pop lime green bed frame! Looking to make your space feel just slighter bigger? Try adding a full length mirror like this bathroom on the right. You can get one custom framed and add some extra charm at the same time!

The SOURCE this week is one of my favorite fabric shops.
Kinsan.59 Wyndham street, Central, HK

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This entry was posted on March 4, 2014 by in by JAR.

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