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NewChinaHand: Nailed it! (Part 2)



It turns out there’s other things to do with nails than shooting them through your head.

Reports from Shenzhen this week show that a guy was sentenced to three years in jail for…

Using nails to combat traffic noise!

No, he wasn’t firing then at passing cars: he had scattered them across the highway, Wacky Races-style. Apparently he had tried telling the traffic to slow down, but they. just. wouldn’t. listen.

Of course, this had led to blow outs, people losing control of their vehicles and general chaos.

But there’s a message in all of this: kids, don’t try this at home!

The severity of the sentence shows just how serious his actions could have been. Lucky nobody was killed!

That would’ve been the final nail in the coffin (next week’s blog??)


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