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street SNAPS: Second hand fix


smoking (1)

In 2007, Hong Kong banned smoking in public. For many, including myself, this was welcomed with open lungs. Before 2007, non-smokers would get their daily does of poisonous second hand smoke chemical compounds(250+) in restaurants, bus stops and shopping malls – pretty much everywhere. Nowadays it’s a lot harder for non-smokers to get their fix; they need to be stuck behind the slow sidewalk burner, next to the pedestrian crossing puffer or (my personal favorite) in the cubical next to the public toilet blazers. The pictures in today’s blog, are for all the smokers out there who still think it’s OK to smoke in public.

smoking (2)

smoking (3)

smoking (4)
Just for the record, I quit in 2008 and even then i hated second hand smoke because of growing up in a house of indoor smokers. Stopping was the best thing i could have ever done for my health and my family. What are your thoughts on smoking? Did you grow up in a smoke free house hold or did you get your fix from your parents?
Coming up next week…The Hong Kong Skyline.

3 comments on “street SNAPS: Second hand fix

  1. brielle87
    February 26, 2014

    Congrats on giving up such a hideous habit. I never have smoked; my mother did until [at the age of six] I told her she would get cancer and die and leave me all alone, she quit on the spot and is still here with me. My father smoked continuously , 4 pack a day (even after quadruple bi-pass surgery) until he eventually died, in his early 50’s. I, sadly have many health problems, most serious is asthma, that have been attributed to second had smoke as a child; 2 parents each smoking 4 pack a day= 8packs of second hand smoke for baby.
    I was really amazed by the amount of public smoking i saw in HK when I was there last Novembre, knowing that it had been banned years before. I guess it is just too ingrained in a large part of the population; even though Korean males still have the highest demographic world-wide of smokers. But on a plus side, my asthma never gave me a problem during the 2 weeks I spent in HK, even though one of my doctors thought it would. I actually felt much better there than I do at home.
    Well, once again I truly commend you for making a healthy choice. My mother has been smoke-free for over 30 years now, and even thought she has heart problems the doctors said if she had not quit she would have already been a statistic if she had not quit so many years ago. So you will have many years of happy lungs and heart to look forward to.

  2. brielle87
    February 26, 2014

    Almost forgot to ask. Have you noticed a decrease in smokers in younger generations??

  3. Kelly Olson
    October 21, 2022

    Lovvely blog you have here

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