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by JAR: Escape the Everyday 043-5


Escape the Everyday is one of my favourite Mythic paint colours. Let’s talk blue. Patterns of blue, textures…. Instead of painting a wall blue, I love this tiny dot print wallpaper behind this blue jean bed. Layers of colour with different hues and textures can make a single colour like blue come to life. I’ve been wanting to make my own candlestick holder. How about this indigo blue pipe line candlestick holder! When it comes to art, imagine hanging something with depth like this winding stair in your living room. Where would your thoughts take you each time your eyes dove into this image? I want one! It’s not also easy to add a wall texture as display. I commend these two examples on the right. I have no idea how many plates that is…. but it’s a beautiful eclectic mix of something so utilitarian as art. I’m a big fan of framing my daughters artwork. I’d love to take 49 of her drawings and paintings and create this white frame wall! Love it! I’m thinking a lot about interesting innovative lighting these days. I love the elegance and simplicity of the white light set on the left. Everyone is doing cable lighting these days… how about a new take, like this  bulb wrapped in it’s cable….. Last but not least, I threw in a splash of red! I love the simplicity of this red room with a single photograph and red rug.

The Source this week comes from Flea + Cents. Another one of my favourite stores. If you’re looking for cool interesting lights, not your everyday chairs, knick knacks, mobiles and even cool travel bags check out Flea + Cents in Wan Chai. It’s a hidden gem.

Flea + Cents: 36 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai. (You will need to walk up the stairs. It’s on the first floor)

2528 0808

One comment on “by JAR: Escape the Everyday 043-5

  1. che0329
    February 19, 2014

    thanks for this blog ! I’ve been thinking on what to buy for my husband’s birthday gift. he’s a big fan of blue. i thought of buying him an ashtray,i searched in several shops & i found one in sapphire blue color but i realized my husband doesn’t smoke. that’s why i am very grateful for this blog coz now i got an idea. maybe instead of buying a present, i can turn our bedroom into something different,as shown in the collage sure he will like it. i forgot to mention,our linens are mostly in blue color too so i guess it wouldnt be a difficult making over,just the walls coz it has an ivory color,clearly it doesnt compliment to our bed with blue spreads, lol! thanks a lot for the idea!
    looking forward to read more from you:)
    God bless & more power!

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