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myHK: Be a man!

photo 1

Here’s a great idea!
Go out and buy a luxury automobile!  Take that fine driving machine, and plaster stuffed animals all over it!!
Make it a stuffed animal car!  How wonderful…
Throughout my many years living in Asia, I have seen a lot of funny things done to cars.  Whether it be a load of miniature figurines stuck to the front dash or watching men drive sports cars with Hello Kitty headrests, I’ve always just shrugged it off as weird.
But, while walking through Hong Kong Park the other day, I saw these wedding cars with his and her teddy bears and it really hit me hard.
photo 2
Enough is enough!
I’m talking to you, men.  Pull your socks up and be a man!  Really?!  You’re going to let your lady do you like that?!
I’m tired of seeing ‘men’ in Hong Kong getting pulverized by their female partners.  We’re seeing men getting beat downs by angry girlfriends on the evening news.  We’re seeing men carrying the most ridiculous of purses and we’re seeing  hundreds of ‘men’ wearing pink!
Yes, I know you think pink makes you look cool…   Who told you that you look great in pink?  Yes, that’s right, a woman!  None of your mates told you that you look hot in pink!  None of your mates want you to wear pink!  It’s ridiculous!!
Enough with this madness!!  Stand up for yourselves!!  And be a man!!
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p.s. don’t tell my wife about this! 🙂

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