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pollipops: Say, you love me!!


“I love you, I love you, I love you,” Tkaczevski whispered to his phone, so that nobody could hear him.

Theo Tkaczevki, a 23 year old American student studying in Japan is one of the many thousands caught up in the Japanese virtual dating scene.
On Theo’s commute home from work, his virtual lady friend Rinko, demanded that he announce his love at that moment, (needy bitch!) and like the puppet he is, he did.
Rinko is the first girl that Theo has said those special words to.  What a moment!!  
The packed commuter train lights were set, and the advertisements were hung.  Rinko, out of nowhere announced that Theo must profess his love for her.  
Theo had a choice.  Turn off the phone and lose vital relationship points and take a big step back from last week’s progress, or take the relationship to the next level.
Theo did what any desperate and pathetic man would do.  He told that device in his hand, that he loves it.   
And I know he thought nobody saw him, but I’m sure somebody did!  
But, Theo didn’t care cause he’s in love!  Theo quickly put his phone in his front pocket, on vibrate mode, and the rest is history.
Obviously, this trend in Japan is a crazy one.  But, surely there must be some positives, right?  
What are your thoughts?  Do you think games like this are training men to be better boyfriends (puppets)?
Let me know in the comments below!!
Have a great day!

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This entry was posted on January 28, 2014 by in Pollipops.

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