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The Source: Throwing pots!


Pots by Mrs J

Do you remember the film Ghost? How about the scene where Demi is throwing pottery on the wheel… she does make it look sexy! I love throwing pots (on a wheel). It is a hobby I have loved through the years.

There are different methods of working with clay such as hand building (molding the clay with your hands), coiling (building a pot with snake like coils of clay) and throwing (a technique of pulling up clay on a spinning wheel). There are also lots of different types of glazes and firing techniques. Depending on what type of things you would like to make, it’s fun to try different techniques to see what you prefer. Often people begin with hand building to get a feel for working with clay. I prefer throwing. I find it meditative and challenging at the same time. It’s a surprise for me, because I never quite know what shape I’ll end up with!

Whether you want to make a tea set, bowls or even a keep sake box, pottery can be an enjoyable way to spend 3 hours. It may sound complicated, but there are two great studios in HK where you can do hand building and throwing with a teacher. They can guide you along the way and provide everything that you would need! Give it a try. It’s even more fun with a friend!

I’ve posted a couple pics here of some pots I’ve thrown a few years ago. Mrs. J

The Source:
The HK Pottery Workshop (previously located at The Fringe Club)
24 Upper Station St., Sheung Wan, HK

GITONE, 45 Tai Hong Street, Soho East, Sai Wan ho, HK


Pots by Mrs J

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