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Street snaps: Lunchtime Dreaming

Lunchtime in Hong Kong is hectic. The streets are bustling, restaurants and cafes have queues of patrons waiting for seats and any form of public seating or space is occupied with nappers. Sleeping in public is only something I have seen in Asia and specifically here in HK – In most other countries you could wake up with empty pockets or sans-shoes. From construction workers to business men, to  security guards and grannies, if you are on the streets at this time(in fact anytime), you are bound to see someone catching up on their very much needed beauty sleep. Beware though, if you feel nappish and decide to have some shut eye on the street, you might find yourself in my growing gallery of ‘Lunchtime Dreamers’. Keep an eye(open) out next week for a couple of random funny images from the street.
Bonus Cinemagraph – Hong Kong’s favorite animal doing what it does best!

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This entry was posted on January 22, 2014 by in street SNAP.

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