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Collage 9

collage 9

Let’s start with this amazing copper desk! How cool is that? I’d just watch out for the points in the middle! But I love the idea of a split level desk & in copper with a storage shelf & potential book nook in the desk legs. How about a wall of white, white frames with different white textures inside…. I’ve never thought of lighting as cozy, but these lights on the right look just that! We don’t have space for this in HK, but I like the deer like coat hanger / key table…. simple lines and just fun. These blue sofas look inviting and cozy. Add some accent red exposed bulbs and you’ve got character!  I love finding interesting ways to deal with ceilings. This is a great idea… layers of hung sticks… and how warm does that living room look? I love the sophisticated pops of colour in the rug, cushions and wall art.

Lots of great inspiration here! Enjoy. Mrs. J

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