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Street snap: Dusk and Dawn


Most visitors to Hong Kong don’t realize that a quick hike or a short bus ride will take you far away from the city and into lush vegetation, steep mountains and beautiful (and often deserted) beaches. I live on Lamma Island, an outlying island, 25 minutes away from Hong Kong – the island and two of it’s beaches are perfectly located to view sunsets and enjoy a sun-downer or 3. So, today’s streetsnap is a showcase of three of my favourite things; beaches, sunsets and sunrises.
Don’t miss next week’s streetsnap, it’ll put you to sleep!

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2 comments on “Street snap: Dusk and Dawn

  1. hong kong fong
    January 15, 2014

    Great shots! Do you recommend one beach over another on Lamma?

  2. Frogmanhk
    January 15, 2014

    Hi Deb, thanks for the kind words! There are a number of great beaches on Lamma island but sadly only two are good for sunset viewing. One is called Tannery beach and the other, I call Pagoda beach(it has a Chinese name but no English name). To get to Pagoda beach you need to either take the first left turn from the Yung Shue Wan ferry pier and follow the path through the old fishing village- you will arrive at the beach after 5 min. To get to Tannery Beach you would take the second left, up the stairs and follow the main footpath – you will arrive at the beach after about a 10-15 min walk.
    Remember to stay at least 10-20min after the sun has gone down to see the pink, orange, red and blue colors!
    Hope this helps!

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