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Collage 8


There’s something great about colour. Any space can be transformed with a bold accent wall. I love these bold hues of blue and plum purple. Even more, is the idea that you don’t need to paint the entire room or even the entire wall… Here is a great example of a plum purple door and around the corner the same plum is used only at the base of the wall. Looking for a new idea for an old lamp? How about painting it! If you tape a line of masking tape around the lamp, you can create a neat white contrast line like the lamp shown here. Hanging bulbs, this is starting to get a bit over used in Hong kong, but I still like the look when it’s playful like this one. Speaking of playful, I’d love to have this living room setup. How fun! Lots of inspiration to share!

I hope your year is getting off to a great start. Mrs. J

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