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EnHK: Phuket, Thailand….Girl’s only!


I’ve wanted to do a girl’s trip for such a long time. Our friends do trips without their kids and Mr. J has done a few guy’s trips. I’ve always somehow passed on jetting off and leaving my family for a few days.

Recently, the opportunity came up for E and I to take a girl’s trip with some of our best girl friends and I’m so glad I jumped on the idea.

E and I are in beautiful Phuket, Thailand this week enjoying sun, fun, lots of swimming and amazing food! It’s been a much needed very relaxing mini-break with good friends. So nice to put my phone away and just play, lounge and eat! I highly recommend a girl’s trip and if you have a little one, plan a girl’s trip with with your little one and her best friend! I’m so grateful I did!

A few pics from Phuket. Enjoy. Mrs. J



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This entry was posted on January 13, 2014 by in E n HK.

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