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myHK: Things that make me go, “hmm…”

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Wherever you’re living, I’m sure you see odd things on a daily basis. If not, you’re probably the odd one.

Here in Hong Kong, unless you’re glued to your iphone or marching full speed ahead, you do see some hilarious happenings.

Here are a few of my favourites!

1. Toilet Paper People
When people in HK buy T.P., they buy a lot! For some reason, one megapack just isn’t enough. They need two or three dozen. Not a day goes by where I don’t see someone walking down the street with a stack of poo poo paper under each arm. You would think with apartments in HK being quite compact, people would consider picking up the second dozen on one of their other daily supermarket trips. These people are obviously sh!*@#ing way too much!

2. Healthy Slappers
I’m talking about the people in Hong Kong parks basically slapping themselves silly. I guess the belief is that beating yourself senseless is the best way to increase blood circulation…
Next time you see someone doing this, offer them a glass of red to go with their whooping.

3. New Runners
These are the people who are new to the running game. Not sure what they were doing before, but their new found hobby should be rethought. Although I applaud their effort, these velociraptors should stick to indoor sports where coordination isn’t that important.

4. Shirts Up, Bellies Out
Just try going out on a hot day in HK without seeing some dude who has lifted up his shirt exposing his buddha belly. These bellies are a work of art, and this trick doesn’t work for skinny guys, so they have every right to be proud. However, whether they use their trophy gut to lift the shirt or tie it up, my guess is, it won’t be attracting females. 😉

So, what about you?! I’d love to hear if you have any examples of hilarity where you live.

Also, SHARING this blog with as many people as possible would be GREATLY appreciated!


2 comments on “myHK: Things that make me go, “hmm…”

  1. dave macdonald
    January 8, 2014

    My favourite has to be the “magic hazard lamps”. No matter where you are, be it a main road, a feeder road leading into a main road, a bus stop or a pedestrian crossing, HK traffic laws seem to allow you to stop your vehicle, turn on your hazards and go to sleep or read a book or watch a tv show. Fancy a game of candy crush? No problem, here`s a bus stop .I`ll try and get through the next level.

    • Mr.j
      January 8, 2014

      Ha! Yes, many people use cars in HK like mobile bedrooms.
      Gets them out of their parent’s house for a bit. In our parking garage you see people just chilling (hiding) in their cars playing on their phones.

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