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Collage 7



Color…. Color in clothes…..color in ceramics….color as a sculptural wall divider. I love to play with color.
I’m not a huge fan however, of wallpaper, but I love the color pop with the yellow chair against the black & white paper.
Need just a tiny bit more space, I love the idea of a window bay that extends out to become a deck.
Wire cable lights are a fashionable interior item lately. I love the idea of creating space & line with wire. This is a clever hanging technique.
Spoons….just can’t have too many.
Mrs. J

One comment on “Collage 7

  1. Mr.j
    January 7, 2014

    I love the way you opened up that wall!!
    Sadly, my guess is our hk landlord wouldn’t appreciate that very much…

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