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pollipops: OMG!! What’s that??


Semmes Alabama is a cute little town in Alabama with a population just under 3,000.

The highlight of their Winter season and perhaps the whole year is the Christmas parade. This year’s was one that they’ll be talking about for a long time!

Parades usually involve marching bands, floats, and dancers. And boy oh boy did they have dancers!

You see, when they were booking acts for the big show, they came across a team of dancers that had performed on the big stage in Mobile, Alabama. A unique group of men that the planners were very excited about, called the Prancing Elites.

What the planners didn’t know was the this all male cast was a group of drag queens.

As you can imagine, this was quite a scene! People in Semmes were outraged. How could this happen to them? How were they not warned??

But the show must go on, and the Prancing Elites put on an amazing show! Dressed as Mrs. Claus and showing their midriffs, they twisted and twirled all the way down Main Street.

One question repeatedly echoed by the citizens of Semmes throughout the performance, as if rehearsed, was, “Oh my God, what’s that??”

One mother was so outraged and upset at them displaying this sort of behavior in front of her child, she brought her daughter on TV to be interviewed about the life changing event.

My guess is that the mom’s reaction is the much bigger negative influence on the child, but I’m jus’ guessin’.

The Prancing Elites were apologetic to those that may have been offended (not sure why?) but also appreciated the publicity as they got booked up for New Years and Mardi Gras.

Unlike Santa, female impersonators are real, and you can’t hide yourself or your kids from the truth forever. I myself would love to see that extra flair at what must typically be the worst parade ever!

What about you? Do you enjoy dressing in drag? If you don’t, please let me know in the comments below. 😉

Hope you’re all having a great start to the new year! See you on Monday!

Mr. J

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