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NewChinaHand: In Stitches…..


Addicted to the Internet? Trapped in a bad habit? Can’t escape the steely grasp of Sichuan hot pot (see previous post)?

A young man at Hebei University of Science and Technology might just have the answer for you!

Needing to find a replacement for an unhealthy amount of time on the web (presumably playing online games, but, we’d also like to think, checking out the latest on this student turned to grandma’s favourite: knitting!

He did this at the suggestion of his girlfriend, who possibly might have also been in need of a hat, scarf, gloves and an ironic Christmas jumper. Next week she’s suggesting handbag design.

Knitting as a force for good doesn’t end there, though: the ladies of North China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region are the latest to complete what is now a regular and widespread charity knit for disadvantaged children as part of the Heng’ai Action campaign. In the last six months alone, more than 690,000 children have received items of clothing through this scheme, which shows that true Christmas spirit isn’t seasonal and doesn’t even require the celebration of Christmas. Great job, ladies!

The obsession with knitting doesn’t end in China. Oh no. It’s a global phenomenon (are you wearing something knitted RIGHT NOW?!?). The South China Morning Post recently reported the popularity of a Norwegian TV show that focuses on forests. And lakes. And boats, trains. And… knitting! Yes, the new format of ‘slow TV’ regularly pulls in over 3 million viewers enjoying the power of nature and a mean cross stitch.

How long before knitting really takes hold? When will we be using stitched iPhones and live in knitted houses and the planet changed into a giant ball of wool being gradually unravelled by some greater celestial being?

The answer, as always, is up to you, dear reader.

And perhaps your cat, who would love that.

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