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pollipops: Christmas, Win or Fail ??!

Well, here we are celebrating another Christmas.  A time for family, presents and people with no creative skill sets taking on innovative tasks like card making and decorating.  And thanks to these daring individuals, we have some very unique pictures for you to judge.

Nobody puts baby in the corner!!

photo 23
At first glance, this picture doesn’t shout out anything too interesting.  But as you scan around you come to something really special.  I’m not talking about humans cut off by the limbs on each side of the pic.  I’m talking about the darling angel in the bottom left corner who helped capture this moment perfectly.
Organized insanity.  Win!
Return to sender
photo 24
Looking at this, I see all the profound thought and effort that went into taking this photo.  I can hear all the revolutionary ideas coming out from one of the two mums, like putting the kids in one style of wrapping and the parents in another. Genius!
However, both children should have worn hats with the dad wearing the gold ribbon.
Missed opportunity.  Fail!
When you gotta go… you gotta go…
photo 25
Need we say anymore?!  Win!
Merry Christmas everyone!  Or Happy Holidays!!  Or even better, both!!!
Mr. J

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