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The Source: It’s TREE time!

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I get very excited every year and now my daughter has joined me in this anticipated excitement of decorating the Christmas tree. I thought I would play it safe this year and just pop over to Ikea and order a tree that was supposedly flown in fresh from Sweden…. This is the first year that E, who is 3, really gets the idea of Christmas. The excitement began building after we placed the order and lasted until just after the tree arrived….! So…….Our tree arrived & it was not only dead, dropping bundles of needles, it also had bugs! The tree was in and back out of our house in under 30 minutes including set up & removal with the tree stand! So we were left with a sad Mrs J and an even sadder little E. I needed a plan B, and fast. The next day, I decided that we didn’t need a traditional tree. We could make our own version of a Christmas tree ourselves. I set out for some of my favorite florist shops in Soho and found exactly what I needed. I collected Mitsumata (the white branches which come from Japan) & Dragon Willow. E and I went straight home and started assembling our tree. We then added all the decorations very carefully and I’m very pleased with the results! How about you? What do you think of our reinvented tree? If you’re looking for an excellent florist with really unique options check out Ellermann, 36 Tung Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong This was my source that saved our Christmas tree! I post The Source every Thursday. Follow us for more next week!
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