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pollipops: Top 5

Good morning pollipoppers!

Simply put, here are my top five photos from this past week.

Let me know in the comments which photo you liked best.

moving image 2
Everyone should have the right to an education. This picture was taken in Afghanistan. A place that has barely seen a day of peace in the past 30 years. Despite the awful surroundings and bleak future, I still imagine these children feel grateful for the experience they are having in this moment.
moving image 4
This stunning photo from a dance rehearsal in Berlin shows such clear lines and resembles a beautiful flower.
moving image 7
I’m biased towards this pic because it was taken in Hong Kong and I thoroughly enjoy a good trip to Happy Valley Racecourse. But I do love horses and the shadow couldn’t be more perfect.
moving image 1
There are some people you see, who’s faces just scream kindness. To me, despite him having a good hollar, one look at this man and I know he’s a good one. Perhaps it’s his eyes, or his kick ass hat.
moving image 12
Now this monkey has personality!!
I love meeting interesting people. Especially when they surprise me with odd conversation. If you start talking to me about the weather, I’m going to most likely be planning my escape route before you tell me that the summers in Hong Kong are hot.
Now I’d love to have a beer or three with this loveable monkey! Not a dull moment I’m sure.
I hope you enjoyed this Pollipop. Have a great Tuesday and I’ll see you on Friday!

2 comments on “pollipops: Top 5

  1. Fran
    December 13, 2013

    This was a difficult decision,obviously since it took me 5 days to pick a photo. First,I was leaning toward the dancers since my girls, age 16 and 23, have been dancers since the age of 4. But then the horse really touched my heart, once again because of my daughters. They have ridden since they could sit up and each daughter has a Tennessee walking horse. But ultimately I am choosing the monkey and I too am going to have a beer or 6 and a good cry with him because thanks to dance and horses I realize beer is all I can afford!!

  2. Mr.j
    December 13, 2013

    Lol!!;) very well put!! And what a smile that monkey has!!!

    Thanks for revisiting this post! It pushed me to do the same. 😉

    Have a great weekend!

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